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Sell internationally within hours

A few click integration unlocks low-cost, cross border shipping options with tax, duty and product compliance.

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We’ve helped brands unlock instant, scaleable growth

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We’ve helped brands unlock instant, scaleable growth

Increase in non-US revenue within 18 months
Increase in conversion rate of non-US traffic
Increase in non-US volume within 12 months
New markets sold after launching with OB
Increases in non-US rev within 3 months
Increase in shipping time with OB’s NL facility

Tax compliant shipping that international customers expect

Show customers the taxes and duties owed at the point of checkout.
Instant tax and duty classification of all of your skus
Impact: Improved trust and conversion rate

Industry leading, cross border shipping rates

Leverage volume-based rates from specialized cross-border carriers
5-12 business day shipping world wide
Ship from your current 3pl or fulfillment center

Sell in local currencies and boost conversion rate

Upgrade your store to sell in local currencies
Apply VAT-inclusive pricing in countries where it’s required

End-end shipping tracking and branded tracking pages

Custom tracking page that’s fit to your brand’s style and content for full end to end branded experience
Tracking number that’s accurate with each step logged meticulously

Localized returns that customers trust and can afford

Allow customers to return goods to the a regional return center for lower cost
Expedite stock checks to validate returns
Reclaim VAT and regional sales tax on return orders

Integration in 1 week

Few click integration for shopify storefronts: classification, tax and shipping rates
5-10 hour integration time for other major e-commerce storefronts
Seamless integrations with shipstation, Shopify and internal fulfillment system to get carrier rates.
APIs available for custom WMS integrations
Average time to integrate into a 3pl or home grown fulfillment center: 2-8 hours.
A 30 minute introductory call with the OpenBorder team taught us about international ops, marketing and more. Even if you’re just starting out, the team is very knowledgeable in helping you understand your options and what it takes to actually get scale
CEO at Lumin

Start selling globally within days

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