About us


OpenBorder started as an internal platform of a larger consumer holding company - Pangaea Holdings.

When we started Pangaea (which includes e-comm brands such as Lumin, Meridian, etc), we were focused on US market as a lot of American brands start.

However, we started to get a lot of interest from non-US customers, but when we tried to sell to those customers, we ran into logistics, marketing, compliance and all sort of issues.


For years, we invested onto our platform that handled all the nasty work of going international from technology to logistics.

We now focus on empowering entrepreneur and execs of leading brands to build businesses at global scale.


Every merchant can be global.

A customer in Saudi Arabia is just as qualified and wanting to be a customer of thousands of brands in the US. Yet, they are either not able to buy or their experience is subpar. Our mission is to bridge that gap.


Despite officially starting in March 2023, we are an early stage tech-first startup looking to add talented individuals who are looking to join our globalisation mission.

While we don’t have an official list of open positions, we are always hiring for great individuals who are well versed in : engineering, data, operations, and sales.
Fully remote (EST base)
Global workforce across 5 continents
Industry veterans with global mindset
Backed by tier 1 investors